Do I need to change for the sake of men?

Do I need to change for the sake of men?
 Any relationship requires us to change. Do you want it or not, but you have to adapt to the surrounding. This is especially important when it comes to relationships with men. Men tend to be more women in emotional terms, because they know how to restrain their impulses. Women are much more difficult to control yourself, but many men need a woman that self-control, as well as many other things. And what does a woman do? Change or remain a? How, then, to keep the love?

The question "Is it worth it to change for the sake of men? "Requires judgment. First of all, understand that this man mean to you? Can you say that you love this person? If you clearly understand what is love, then you will inevitably have to change.

You could say that love is given to us to change. Rough love can make softer. Lazy - more active. Greedy - generous, anger - indulgent. Love is a unique school of life. Major changes from person requires neither one feeling.

If we argue in this way, any person who is not only a woman, must change for the sake of love: to restrain themselves, their habits, even change the circle of friends. Carefully analyze what caused the quarrel or angered your man?

If the reason was some kind of your fault, and you know about it for a long time, use this chance to change. If your favorite is not satisfied with what you always "hang on the phone" - really, try to give it less time.

If you are very hot-tempered and jealous, try to keep a low profile, self-esteem, so as not to upset your loved one constant tantrums. Such changes will benefit in the first place, you most.

If your man requires that you looked different, spoke only when he allows calls to end the relationship with someone of your friends ... If he tries to blind you from the housewife, and you love the movement, activity, or your favorite work associated with movement. How can do in such cases?

Try to talk to him. Explain that these violent changes will not make you happier. And it certainly will not benefit your relationship. Ask him if he was ready to abandon himself beloved and familiar environment work for you? Why did he need this from you?

You may want to end the relationship for a while, if your friend does not understand that his desire to change you, destroys relationships. Show character, do not yield, if the requirements of the beloved you seem unduly harsh.

Always based on the situation, do not let yourself be manipulated man. If a man needs to change, before blindly throwing everything and change, consider this wish. What are his motives? He really wants to help you, or acts only from selfish desires?

Never give in to selfish provocation. In this case it is better to break off relations, but to maintain self.

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