7 things that men want from women

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 Every woman is curious that it is looking for a man. Who wants to see: a passionate lover, a caring mother or adventurer. What are the advantages you need to have a woman to keep a man?

Faithful companion

First, a woman a man wants to see, first of all, a friend who is willing to listen to his advice and help. Just come home from work and share the problems that happen to him. In this case the woman is obliged not just pretend to listen, but really close to empathize with him. Also, it should be interesting to talk with a sense of humor.

A good mother to your children

Women are expected to be good and loving mother. That is, it is necessary to know how to care for a child, what products better for him to choose which kindergarten or school, that child, what lessons she needed to prepare it.

Perfect Housewife

The ideal woman is able to be a good wife: delicious and satisfying to cook, wash carefully, to be able to clean the apartment clean. She knows how to distribute the family budget, expenditures do not exceed revenues.

Giving freedom

Also, a woman should not limit man's personal space, it is not worth phoning him on nonsense and ask where he is and with whom. Respect his freedom and do not press on the man. Remember that your persistence you only alienate man from himself. It is not necessary to send him to a huge number of e-mails and SMS, do not force him to report to you.


Any man would be nice when a woman has given him favors, let compliments in his address, can in time to praise. And also, the ideal woman is able to show his beloved, he roads and priceless for her.


For men, it is important to know how a woman to care for themselves, was diligently and neatly dressed, her hair. In her wardrobe should have a few outfits that emphasize the advantages of her figure. Makeup discreet, but attractive. She - a man with his inner world, interests and living space.


And finally, every man wants to see his woman sexually, but without the frills. It should appear in its best form. Do not forget about the accessories, such as stockings with suspenders, beautiful lingerie, small heels on shoes and translucent robe.

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