40 years: the age for love

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 This ephemeral matter how feelings and love, is also amenable to rigorous calculation and analysis. They become the subject of numerous studies, which involved doctors and psychologists. Scientists Illinois and northwest of universities engaged in the analysis of completeness and force the feelings of love in women of different ages and came to a surprising result: a real sense can only occur after 40 years.

It turned out that only after this milestone woman in love, experiencing the strongest feelings and comparing the experience of previous years, this is what is called love. This phenomenon is explained by the fact that the age of forty a woman has already taken place, she knows its power and price. She has no need to prove something to yourself or your chosen one, it is not plagued by doubts, she firmly believes that if the feeling to be proven, it is - not love.

At this age, women love not for a pretty face and athletic figure, not for the amount of money in your wallet, not for physical force. Now they love simply for what they love, and gladly given this feeling every cell of the body. Women are beginning to enjoy the fact that it is next to feel the man whose presence brings joy and that he gets pleasure from such close proximity. The lack of panic fear of being alone liberates a woman, and it is no longer plagued by doubts and complexes.

In studies scholars attended the three groups of women a total of nine people. The first group included women 19-26 years of reproductive age. In the second group were women aged 27 to 45 years, and the third - the ladies who are in menopause.

After the test revealed that those subjects who were in the middle group showed the greatest sexual activity and emancipation, the more young girls and women aged.

After analyzing the results, the researchers concluded that this is due to the fact that the biological clock in women show little remaining until the end of the reproductive function of time and stimulate high sexual activity. Middle-aged ladies get real pleasure from sex, enjoying the proximity of a loved one and not being afraid to get pregnant, because at this age already receding financial problems. This explains the fact that many women who are over 40, are solved on the birth of another child.

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