Womanizer: find and neutralize

Womanizer: find and neutralize
 Why are you, girl, beautiful love? Beautiful (well, at least charming), spoiled by excessive attention to women's sexual diversity man prefers monogamy boring. How to falling in love with a womanizer, to curb his baser instincts, turning Lovelace in a sample of loyalty? Is this possible at all?

Causes of male polygamy has long been known. Woman needs the attention of several men to feel wanted. She usually missing a couple of compliments to confirm their uniqueness and good mood. Men are not enough to assert themselves admiring glances. They need a real, actual confirmation of the status of "alpha male" - preferably in the form of high-quality sex and a couple of broken hearts bargain. Compliments to the credit of his victories not zanesesh. Wherefore he shed tears and hurt women's hearts ...

What normal woman needs adequate womanizer, a man carrying a misery? Conquest heart womanizer provokes rise of self-esteem. In addition, the fair sex is incredible inherent belief that met her womanizer change. Once and for all. Unconditionally. But the desire to gratify his own ego or change another person for the better is not always adequately rewarded. But if you still ask such a purpose, it remains only to wish good luck.

In order to "tame" a womanizer, you must first find it. Do not worry - long search is not necessary. In your environment, there certainly charismatic man, is very popular among women. If it's not, it's worth a closer look to casual acquaintances, passers-by colleagues from a neighboring office. Look brash, self-confident walking on the road of broken hearts macho. Keep an eye on the men in clubs, restaurants, fitness rooms - womanizer tries to keep a loved one in the best shape.

Finding a suitable specimen and make the necessary contacts, think: is able to change this particular man for you? Can the love of his last for more than one night? Not all incorrigible womanizer. Some turn out good family men loyal to his own half. For the time being, or to the grave - that is the question. Game of loyalty for one night, a week or a couple of months is not worth the candle, and spiritual experiences. You should not try to change a man who himself does not seek to do this for you.

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