On the female vice and against men to them

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 What is a vice? Whether they are similar with disabilities or radically different? Disadvantages of man - these are the qualities of his character or behavior that may cause discomfort, both to him and to others. But usually, the disadvantages can be corrected to some extent. What are the qualities of modern women?

It has become a scourge! And here's the paradox: the dangers of both active and passive smoking knows almost everything. However, many women smoke. And that is particularly inexcusable - even while pregnant.

Attitude to the female vice in society has always been negative. Anyway, earlier, when smoked man, it did not cause the approval but also the conviction was very weak. When smoked woman is overwhelmingly attracted a storm of negative emotions: toils foolishness! Who attitude to smoking women, of course, was more loyal, but not fundamentally changed. Especially by men!

How to deal with women's smoking? Persuasion will not help. First of all, because many modern women aggressively assert their rights: "I want - and smoke! My business! "Perhaps the most effective, though cruel way - honestly say that out of her mouth and hair from a very bad smell. Many smokers are so "clogged" olfactory receptors, they often do not even know it. Not what a woman wants from her to an unpleasant smell.

There generally lacks any words, even the strongest. And not just because an alcoholic - an awesome sight. The fact that the female body typically produces less enzyme cleavage ethanol. Therefore, a woman is much faster and "harder" becomes dependent on alcohol. And get rid of it, respectively, are much rarer and harder!

Attitude to this vice unequivocally condemn, even if the woman started to drink because of severe personal problems, due to grief or loneliness. Treatment unfortunately ineffective. Some drug experts say it is useless.

Frequent and promiscuity.
Alas, the phenomenon of prostitution is as old as human civilization! From time immemorial been and now there are women that turn your body into a means of existence. But if it pushes some extreme need or the need to feed the baby, the other - an ordinary promiscuity, laziness, a desire to live at the expense of the rich "daddy." Attitude to such women has always been ambiguous, it depends on the specific historical era, and from the prevailing societal attitudes and norms of morality.

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