Oligarch and Bride - whether you have a future?

Oligarch and Bride - whether you have a future?
 Watching the colorful pairs - adult wealthy man and a young beautiful girl, you've probably thought about what connects them and what will happen in the future such a pair - it is absolutely clear that a man rich and powerful man, and the girl besides beauty and youth nothing . If you are in this situation, you may be interested in thoughts on this subject.  

The man - a collector. If you have some time to observe the way of life and habits of her admirer, you can better understand its nature and possible prospects of your novel.
So his apartment and office fully "packed" with all sorts of fashionable novelties appliances and electronics, the latest model car and change it every six months, as well as the most famous watch brands.
He is convinced that the main attractive feature of a lot of money - an opportunity to buy expensive things fashion and then in the company mentioned that he had "it" is already there. Try to understand - all of a sudden, this rule also applies to girls, and you for him yet another acquisition in the next collection. But, in this case, with a change in fashion to such "accessory" as you change to another model - more fashionable this season.

The man - a usurer. Such men are measured by money, perhaps even himself such a man is in the form of a stuffed wallet. People without money he was not interested, their words and actions he takes in money.
Therefore, in your sincere feelings, he is not likely to believe - simply can not. Until you have it, it will take you owe him. And to become richer than he would never allow. Most likely - it will even stand in the way, and try to leave at the beautiful decorations of a loved one, completely in his power.
In fact, many women are satisfied with it. Live that life or not - you decide.

The man - a workaholic. His day is painted by the minute - and all of them are devoted to business. He presents to his high standards and it makes in relation to other, punctual and skurpulezen, are very sensitive to how time is spent, can not tolerate delays and delays.
Sometimes even free hour for a meeting with you a man cuts out with great difficulty. He is always in a state of "earn another million and all." And this "last" no end in sight to millions.
Of course, your kids will be all - better education, toys, cars. But here is my father, and you - your husband, you will see a rare day off in five minutes.
He will live your life, you - mine. Would you like this particular? Up to you.

Successful alliance. Fortunately, though there are not "equal", but happy couples. But this happens only when you really love and respect each other, and want to go through life hand in hand. In this case - money is not an obstacle Fortunately, and vice versa - a great assistant. History knows many examples of amorous feelings helps these couples with honor out of difficult situations, and bonded family unit for many years. Perhaps this is your case. Then - no doubt in yourself and be happy.

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