Love the eyes of men

Love the eyes of men
 Some women wonder: what it means for a man to "love", whether there are fundamental differences in comparison with the "women's love," or differences only in the details? You can say for sure that the behavior of men and love the same woman can vary significantly, because of the different views on "these very" vibrant feelings.
 Young people are much less emotional than women. Therefore, if the guy does not fall asleep beautiful floor compliments unless repeated several times a day, as she was dear to him, extolling its virtues, it does not mean he does not love her or his feelings insincere. He just thinks that love should talk deeds, not words. In addition, the vast majority of men can not stand empty mindless chatter (and the endless repetition of the same, from their point of view, it is an empty chatter).

For the lover of boys girl, even if she is very independent and has a bunch of sports categories will always be the weaker sex. Being in need of protection, care and of course instruction. A favorite phrase of Western feminists: "I myself quite capable of standing up for themselves" acts on guys like a cold shower. The girl should take this into account and not to emphasize at every turn their independence. On the contrary, should be encouraged beloved that he often showed his attention and care.

Widespread belief that the guys from the girls need only one thing - only partly true. Yes, for the vast majority of young people, sex is very important. But only one side of the intimate life of their interest in a girl is clearly not limited to! After all, men take not only the question: "Will it be a good lover," and, above all, "Will it be a good wife and mother to my children." This explains the well-known fact that the guys willing to flirt with a fatal beauty, and the registrar are unremarkable "gray mice" that have a good, sweet temper, can create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere in the house.

Equally widespread prejudice - as if the guys by definition can not fall in love with smart, exceptional women who in some way superior to them. Not at all! Very even can, and fall in love. Another thing is that any normal man is instinctively drawn to the girl, who had the sense not to emphasize their superiority. Well, many centuries of historical memory, when it was a male breadwinner and a mainstay of the family, not just vycherknesh. And whether it is necessary to strike out?

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