I love you, or words of happiness

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 Naive teenage girls, which, alas, there are fewer in this cruel world, imagine the first recognition on the part of a boy or a man, as something magical and unforgettable. However, older women often perceive the words of love rather skeptical and call her every minute of evidence. Why is this happening?
 I love you. These treasured and such banal words girl, girls, women expect from their one and only, with bated breath. And when the words finally spoken, it seems that the whole world sings and rejoices with fragile woman's heart. It is fragile. Because all ever happens the first time - and love, and betrayal. And, again surrendering to the mercy of the victor, who, like every winner can roughly use the fruits of their victory, the heart of a woman in the next time will not answer even the most ardent recognition.

Why so do the men? Is it really their only occasionally directs cold calculation: get your all possible methods - until hot assurances of love - and leave? Or for them and sometimes the world is transformed into a paradise after a single word or even a glance ladylove?

Words of love for men - not an empty phrase. But where to find the woman - a mother, a lover, a sister, a wife - to look into her eyes, imagine and understand, as one of her careless word, movement, sight forever transformed the boy with a clear mind in the cold and calculating egoist? And why does the woman do this to him? Do not reply to the empty vows long sunk into oblivion fan?

Questions, questions ... It does not matter when and who first uttered the words "I love you" without feeling hot heartbeat. But his intrepid hand wheel has launched a ruthless general indifference under the blades of which can now be found lacerated fragments of someone's hearts and lives. Stop it is impossible, but to avoid its devastating strikes are quite capable of the human heart, sincerely and selflessly encouragement of mutual feelings.

I love you. Do not talk about love, if your thoughts are not pure light shone around her. And then the words and in fact will be the ones most of which so naive dream of a teenage girl and a boy with a clear mind - words of happiness.

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