How to survive a break with boyfriend

How to survive a break with boyfriend
 It sometimes happens that even yesterday such cloudless relations today turn severe break. And now the faithful companions became pain, suffering and tears. But do not indulge in despondency. Remember the golden rule: "and it all goes."
 Any break in the relationship does not bode well emotionally. Girls as there are more vulnerable and sensual experience any separation is much harder. But nothing is impossible. Some simple and effective tips to help cope with the situation. Remember that some time will be hard, but now everything depends on you.

First assistant should become friends. Try often meet with them, to communicate more, walk. Talk about abstract topics, try to remember the less recent and such unpleasant events. Allow friends to become your encouragement and support.

Occupy yourself with something interesting and useful. Learn to sew, do crafts, knit. Any business distracts from evil thoughts and helps to release emotions out in a non-hazardous for the surrounding form. And slowly but surely will be much easier to live.

Give your spare time studying or working. Start learning something new, if possible, sign up for any courses or training.

More positive thoughts. Engage in self-suggestion and meditation practices. No matter how hard, try to think only about good things. Adjust yourself in a positive way. Think of just a bright future, including in his personal life.

Work out or dance. Firstly, your figure will be much better, and secondly, exercise contribute to the production of endorphins, which is called the hormone of happiness. By the way, where you can meet new and interesting people. A dancing partner may well be a young man who will make you forget all the sadness.

Spend a full introspection. To do this, take a piece of paper, raschertite it into two columns. One pluses include your your relationship to another - cons. Try to tilt the impotent rage, self-pity and think clearly. By the way, the pros outweigh the cons are not always. Once finished write, think, and how many were lost. Perhaps you have not lost, but rather gained something. Freedom, for example.

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