How to start dating a guy

How to start dating a guy
 In the old days, women could not afford the first to get acquainted with men - it was indecent. Now these conventions no longer exists, and every girl could she start dating with her boyfriend vending.
 The easiest way - is an acquaintance on the Internet. If you liked the young man, and go to him with a proposal to meet you hesitate, find his page on social networks, for example, an account of his photo or send them a virtual gift. If you get back a present, you receive a smiley or write a message, ask a young man to add you as a friend, to which he is likely to agree.

Now you can only become for him so interesting conversationalist, he offered to change your virtual communication for real. By the way, you can try to provoke him to this act - Write to him that changed their image and now looks quite different, as in the photo on the Internet. Do not forget to mention that the number of young people who make you compliments, after your transfiguration increased dramatically.

If you have the courage and resourcefulness, you will not be difficult to meet with the young man personally. Just do not use standard phrases and guided by the situation. So, if you are traveling with you liked the young man in a crowded bus, and the boy next to you, then make a joke and say that for a long time dream to buy a trolley to ride on it in splendid isolation. Men like women with well-developed sense of humor, so he will definitely support your remark, and probably your dialogue to end so that you have a few minutes later exchanged phone numbers.

The easiest way to start discovering the stronger sex when both of you are at a party in a nightclub or disco, where the environment itself has to communicate. In this case, you can not even pick the right words - just walk up and invite the guy to dance. During the dance, try to find an interesting topic for both of you to talk, joke and flirt - so you will have a real chance to get away from the party together.

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