How to restore relations after a row

How to restore relations after a row
 Conflict can occur even in a stable and loving couple. Those who behaves correctly after an argument, it is easy to reestablish trust communication. It is not necessary to save the offense and continue to sort things out.
 Before slips from your lips an insult, slowly count to ten, breathing deeply. This technique can help you calm down. Keep in mind that the words that you throw in a fit of anger, it will be difficult to forget your loved one.

Do not rush to restore relations immediately after the altercation. You and your partner should be a time for you to calm down and realize their mistakes. If the conflict is not sufficient time, you can not yet appear awareness of the need to establish contact. In order not to aggravate the heat of the moment quarrel, decide to wait, and to give yourself and your partner to cool down and collect my thoughts. Spend time together, but reduced the communication and do not discuss your quarrel, talk on abstract themes.

Put yourself in the place of your loved one. Try to look at the situation from his side and his eyes, think that you felt then. On the side is easier to see their mistakes and realize that you are not all right.

In a calm atmosphere in the form of soft discuss what can be improved in your relationship. Talk about what you do not fully agree with and find a compromise. Go towards each other. If both of you are going to insist on his own, your union may disintegrate. Learn to listen and accept the position of your partner. Do not take a defensive or accusatory position. Get wisdom.

When you are together to identify the cause of the conflict, then be able to figure out how to resolve it to your relationship again become harmonious and confidence.

Together make plans for the future happy life together. Think how painful it would be to you if you are not able to establish relationships, and they would stop. Appreciate your partner, trust him. Learn to forgive offenses. To consolidate your reconciliation can be made in a variety of your relationship, for example, to go on vacation together, prepare a surprise partner.

Help to overcome the serious conflict can a family psychologist.

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