How to keep a "spark" in relations

How to keep a "spark" in relations
 Feelings between man and woman look like a fire that with a shortage of firewood altogether extinguished, so it is important to keep at least a small spark to prevent the fire go out, and relations come to naught.

When two loving people enter into a relationship, whether it's a family union, civil marriage or just periodic meetings with each other, they do not suspect that at some point in their feelings may fade away. People think that the passions between them will last for many years. Over time, the relationship between men and women often grow and transform into another shape - mate.

Of course, it is important to treat each other with warmth and care, but want to keep the "spark" that was at the very beginning of the relationship.

To recall cherished moments of life together, you can flip through photo albums, remember how it all began, laugh together over the amorous adventures. You can put music to create associations with memories: first dance, first kiss. Worth trying to do something together, find a new hobby: summer cycling or rollerblading, and go to the skating rink in winter. Do not be amiss to take part in team games, for example, instead of a recorded section at volleyball or play paintball.

It should be understood that the union of two people can not always be at its peak. To sharpen the senses and give highlights in sexual relationships can go to "hotel for an hour," or get together on nature and spend the night in the car. At home, help create a romantic atmosphere candlelight dinner, ordered food from the restaurant and scented candles. By the end of the evening you can take a bubble bath together and go into the bedroom, decorated with rose petals. It will also give life thrill relationship.

You can play role-playing games, pre-negotiate roles and action plan. For example, a man waits for a woman at the appointed place with flowers. It is a bit late. Followed by a brief walk, dinner in a cozy cafe with pleasant music. Round off the evening in a beautiful room in advance of the chosen hotel.

No need to sit idly by and watch as your relationship fade away. Love - it's a wonderful feeling between man and woman, and it is important that spark relations, which was in the beginning, to carry in my heart for many years.

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