7 ways to thwart man

7 ?
 In order not to spoil relations with their loved one, making it tactless in his view comments, you need to find out what actually can be very upset man.
 1. I do not like your friends!

Even if you do not like his friends, do not talk about them roughly. After all, you would also be frustrating if your favorite say the same about your loved ones. Offending friends of her husband, and you insult him. No need to also remind your loved about the shortcomings of his comrades.

2. You're not as good in bed as I would like.

Such a statement on your part can be detrimental to your relationship, even if you did not think so actually, and told about it during an argument. For men it is very important to know that he - a great lover, but such a phrase can dispel his illusions and lower his self-esteem.

3. Are you bored!

If a man is too boring or predictable, why did you meet with him? For what? It is unlikely that young people will put up with such a remark in his address.

4. With you I'm scared to travel by car, you're bad you drive!

Man kind to the private car. That is why all claims against his steel horse it may take too much to heart. The same applies to his driving skills.

5. I am ashamed of you!

It's important to the opinions of others? You feel ashamed if your favorite goes to the store in sweatpants? You must understand that if you are not comfortable going with a man who does not look the way you want, the problem is not in it, and you. After all, only you ashamed of him, it excites you, that will tell others and, therefore, you have complexes. If you torture the young man standing reproach and comments, it will start to hesitate, or you will be considered boring you.

6. From you I do not need any help!

If you for any reason refuse to accept help from him, the man would be offended and consider themselves inferior representative of the strong half of mankind.

7. I'm not kidding!

If you constantly lie to her boyfriend with or without cause, in the short time he still learns the truth you hide from him. Be honest with your loved ones.

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