20 worst phrases for bed

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 B - not a good place for jokes. However, it is the most crucial moment in the head often arise not the most successful of thought, which, moreover, it is very difficult not to sound. But if for some phrases can be treated with humor, some of your words can seriously hurt your partner, as well as possibly spoil the most romantic night of your life. So, the 20 worst phrases for bed.

1. I liked, as did my ex-boyfriend / girlfriend.

2. Are you fancied himself a porn star?

3. Road / Star could not / -la would you do it faster? I get up early tomorrow.

4. You okay? Are you sure? For Sure?

5. Why is it so strange smell?

6. You came (a)? No? And now?

7. Would you like the gym.

8. On the other hand, you're right (a). Come on, really, turn off the light.

9. You can not get there?

10. Only quieter, my mother is very light sleeper!

11. Can I call you a bad word? It excites me.

12. I take the pill?

13. How do you say your name was?

14. Wait a minute, I'll fetch an ax and rubber gloves.

15. What are ashamed if we still had with you no longer see each other again!

Most of these phrases - "Universal", meaning they can be pronounced as a partner, and the partner. Of course, any of these jokes might offend, insult or humiliate even partner. On the other hand, the young man can sometimes only one phrase forever change your attitude towards it. Any of the following phrases can completely ruin even the romantic relationship.

16. And often you so you go to bed with unfamiliar men?

17. I have never had such a fat woman.

18. Have you ever seen such healthy?

19. Turn on, hut to the forest to A ...

20. I thought you were a natural blonde ...

The only way out of such an awkward situation when one of these phrases still fell off the tongue - it's a joke. Sense of humor saves always and everywhere, so if a fair share of wit relationship can be saved, although the romantic mood this evening is not likely to return.

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