What should not talk to the man

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 The woman must remain a mystery. This simple rule everyone knows, but few people can stick to it. When a woman falls in love, she wants to share all the best wishes and dreams with her man. On the one hand it is good, because sincerity can extend the life of the relationship. However, there are things that we should not talk to your partner.

First, you should understand that many men ask questions to which they do not want to hear the answer. So try to restrain themselves within the established framework.

Firstly, it concerns your past. As the guy did not ask about your former relationship, it is not necessary to spread him the truth. Think about it, why would he know about the number of sexual partners and other juicy details. Excellent care of these issues would be something like: "You're my favorite, the best and only."

Secondly, do not flatteringly about men around you. Women - beings who might like a colleague, famous actor, a passer-by, etc. This is just an innocent hobby, which do not need to tell your boyfriend. At least, he will be very upset. Most men immediately begin to delve into himself, trying to understand what they are doing wrong. In this case, one can not insure you against this jealousy.

Third, try to minimize their stories about personal hygiene or existing diseases. Because of the princess in the eyes of men can turn into a normal girl, for which are important domestic issues. This is especially important at the initial stage, when a guy is not ready to hear the details of procedures such as manicures, waxing, etc.

Fourth, try not to confess torments of jealousy. Even if a woman checks the account every day in your favorite social networks, read messages and emails, it should keep quiet about it as a partisan. Such recognition, you can show your favorite distrust. And this is the first step towards separation. In addition, it is worth remembering love of freedom of the male population. So that any infringement on their privacy turns into a real catastrophe.

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