What every woman should know about men

What every woman should know about men
 Men and women - beings from different planets. And sometimes, to understand each other's need to try very hard. Why are we so different, and how to communicate with men to build a competent and long-term relationships. It does not matter on the personal front or at work - men have a number of features, knowing that you can easily find a common language with them.

To begin understand that men are guided by logic and reasoning, and women - feelings and emotions. This does not mean that they do not know how to feel, they feel more comfortable just to reinforce their actions something more specific than feelings. It is with this and most of the problems related to mutual understanding. If you have an hour unsuccessfully trying to prove his point man, and he does not accept your arguments and stands his ground, think it might be worth your arguments translate into its own language? The phrase "I feel that it would be better" to replace "It would be better, because ..." and then a strong argument. You will see how things will change.

No matter how confident nor was a man, he is always a pleasure to hear compliments in his address. It increases self-esteem and gives more confidence. Oddly enough, men such confidence is even more important than women. Therefore, the praise of men, but, of course, sincerely.
Another fundamental difference between men and women - related to family and work. Many women complain that their husbands are only interested in their work, and the family they do not have such a big deal. This is only partly true. Man status shall be the breadwinner, to earn money and provide for his family, which is why the emphasis he makes it to the career development and success in the work. Women for whom family always comes first (again, by status) sometimes do not understand such zeal and offended, considering inattentive husbands. Think about what it is so much work? After all, in the end, it was a man, able to provide herself and future children, a woman willing to put in my life.

It is believed that men think about sex constantly and ready for it almost every minute. Sex is really important in our lives and in the lives of men - overriding. That sexy viability finally determines its worth as a man, so for all of them is very important to be successful in this field. But calm down, it does not mean that your man will look for adventure on the side to make sure his men irresistible. It will be important for success with the woman in the first place. After all, most importantly, be a real man just for her. So always be mindful of what is happening in your love life, do not allow a man to be offended by something or felt that does not satisfy your needs. For most men, this is worse than death.

Do not think that men are fashioned from another test. They also value the relationships and attachments, as well as women. As well there are affectionate and loving and can also be offended and suffer. Simply by virtue of their nature, they are better able to hide their feelings. Do not forget about it and try to treat them with more tact and tenderness, because, ultimately, it is the secret of successful relationships in sensitivity and love.

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