They do not know the man

They do not know the man
 Men though trying to learn all the secrets of the fairer sex, a lot to them remains a mystery. For example, why girls love so much to chat with friends, what a basal temperature, as do the peeling, other secrets, which devote a favorite is not necessary.
 The majority of boys do not realize how much effort is applied woman to be always on top. This daily moisturizing facial and hand cream, correction form eyebrows, makeup, anti-acne, etc. And it every day, morning and evening, without holidays and days off. Weekly - manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, body wraps, solarium and much more. This constant work on themselves, which, however, brings untold pleasure. So do not deny his beloved at the next visit to the beauty salon. From there, it will come back renewed, inspired and always finds a way to please her lover.

So many mysteries associated with the female cycle, provides the functions of procreation. What is premenstrual syndrome (PMS), many men have already figured out. And know that the girls in this period better not to touch. However, there is still the time of ovulation, when the majority of the representatives of the stronger sex are set to bright and rough sex. It was during the release of the egg increases libido and body simply needs to meet the need for procreation. Clever nature has taken care that the peak of sexual desire is advancing during ovulation, when the chance of getting pregnant - maximum. Therefore, if you want to bring your favorite untold pleasure, try not to miss these two - three days in the middle of a woman's cycle.

Many men find the right woman for marriage, try to limit it to chat with friends, and sometimes even relatives. They do it because they do not understand what I'm talking for several hours and some global issues to discuss. And do not gossip about whether their boyfriends girlfriends, do not discuss whether their advantages and disadvantages? But men are experiencing in vain. Female company have something to discuss and also the stronger sex. And these conversations are unlikely to be interested in a brutal partners. Features of exfoliation, intimate hair removal, cellulite vacuum massage zones are not the same themes that would be curious husbands and loved ones.

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