Secret language: how to start a conversation

Secret language: how to start a conversation
 If you want to talk with a stranger, do not be shy. To start a conversation, only three themes: the interlocutor, about yourself and the situation in which both are.

When a woman meets a nice man, she sometimes does not know how to start a conversation. Visualize the possibility of happiness with a stranger, a woman with disappointment watches as it is removed.

Start a conversation with a stranger is not difficult. If you see that people rarely looks at you and smiles, he is interested in you. Sometimes men are showing interest in another way: whisk nonexistent speck of dust from the shoulder or corrected hair.

If you like a stranger, standing in front of you, smile and establish eye contact. After that will be able to start a conversation. The first sentence in the conversation do not play a role, but it is important to start a conversation with positive phrases to motivate a friend to join the conversation.

If the object of attention interested in the conversation, it will throw a topic for discussion, which will allow the conversation to reach a new, more personal level.

Topic of conversation is easy. This can be a discussion of the situation, the person or you. The main goal that you should pursue - to awaken interest in the interlocutor, so start the conversation with a question.

You can start a conversation with the help of a conversation about the situation in which there are both. You need to look around and find something original. Should be a subject that interested interlocutor. If you are in competition, ask a question: "How do you think who will win? "Interlocutor readily drawn into the conversation.

Some like to talk about themselves, so you can start a conversation by asking about the interlocutor. If you see that it has a great build, you can start a conversation with the phrase "You are in great shape! On what system do? »

If you start with a discussion of his own person, the conversation is unlikely to be successful, because people like to talk about themselves. It is not necessary to talk about business, if the person is not interested in you.

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