How to remain a secret for him

How to remain a secret for him
 Hero of the operetta "Die Fledermaus", justifying their willingness to change his wife, claimed that it has long studied the subtleties, he was bored with her: "The law is like a wife read the book. It is possible to admire, can be carefully kept on the shelf, but again it is not interesting to read! "Like, every wife left nothing mysterious, mysterious, pull over to the side of her husband. And what a woman who does not want to get into the position of the wife "avid reader"?
 The concept of "mystery" and "unpredictable" in many respects similar. If a man is known in advance every word or act in any given situation, it will be really boring to you. Learn to be unpredictable within reasonable limits. Let the man to smash his head, trying to guess what you want, like a gift if you react to an event.

Talking about myself, do not lay out all "to donyshka." Firstly, for men it is another proof that "all women - mash." Secondly, you are again not leave him room for imagination, guesswork. Make it a rule at least from time to time not to negotiate a little.

Be honest, truthful with the man, but within reasonable limits. No one requires that you lied to him. But, you see, there are also things that your lover should not know. For example, a previous novels: any normal man could not bear the thought that his woman was someone really expensive. Just strictly dose information.

Be able to stop in time, talking about something interesting, exciting. This is very important. Man is bound to be puzzled over the question, "So what was all over? 'By the way, this is one of the reasons why he wants to see you again. Indeed, the stronger sex loves specifics. Faced with a mystery man will want to get an answer.

Learn how to surprise your loved one. It seems that so now he knows everything about you, that your soul is revealed in front of him, in full view? Prove that nothing could be further from the truth. Unexpected act, even to the point of extravagance, made him realize how much he was mistaken. Here it is important not only to cross the line: your job is to impress the man, and not to shock or scare.

In short, do everything possible to not be "read a book!" Then your relationship will be strong and long.

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