Pitfalls of loneliness

Pitfalls of loneliness
 It is known that loneliness - one of the biggest troubles that could happen to a person, of course, except for those rare occasions when a person enjoys his solitary state. However, apart from the well-known shortcomings lonely life, it is fraught with many other dangers to fine human, and especially female psyche.

Being a long time alone, a woman is definitely uncomfortable, explain the hundreds of factors, among which is its natural desire for care and protection, the pursuit of love and reciprocity, and also, no doubt, public opinion, condescending and compassionately defining unmarried women as unfortunate "poor things."

But if you dismiss all the bitter experiences and sad thoughts about his own loneliness dark winter evenings, we see single women are mostly strong and independent. They are resistant to work, enterprising and able to cope with any business, whether it is business necessity or everyday household chores. But stayed in this position for a decent period of time, these women are at risk to remain as independent and after the appearance of the men in their lives. As you know, a rare man suffers from his opponent's home throne lord and master.

In addition, when alone, woman dreams about the future happiness will surely come, and carried away, draws its future solely bright colors flawless or stain on the azure sky. And finding new love, she could not help thinking back to his dreams, who suddenly find themselves oh so far from that fictional and "vymechtannoy 'life, which is always warmed her lonely days. It is this discrepancy between his own myth and reality and breaks hopes for a happy and lasting union, whereas this guilt trap of loneliness, hindering look at things with courage and objectivity.

In fact, loneliness is not so harmful to humans. On the contrary, it has its positive side - is the availability of time for your self-improvement, the embodiment of all fantasies and hobbies, recreation and travel. But this period is good rainbow exactly as long as loneliness has quickly into their cruel human network.

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