Nuances of first sex

Nuances of first sex
 For women, the very first sex - is just as important and exciting event as the first kiss, and then get the impression from the girl first sex will affect her entire future life. Illiterate and rough sex can seriously disrupt women's sexual desire, and in subsequent relationships she will have problems with sensuality; but if sex is sensual and gentle, it's the opposite help the girl to enter adulthood, harmoniously developing and realizing the possibilities of the body.

Because of their inexperience, young girls often are adopting advice from friends or authors of journal articles relating to the first sexual experience, not thinking about the fact that people are different, and therefore the first sex at all unique. It is not necessary to listen to others' advice on this matter - it all depends on how you configure itself girl on this first experience.

In particular, the common myth about the first sex is a myth about the pain experienced by the woman in the deprivation of virginity. In fact, pain is experienced only those girls who somehow feel uncomfortable, insecure and clamped experiencing fear and distrust of the partner. That is why it is so important to form between themselves and partner atmosphere of mutual trust and prepare mentally for the first sex, do not set yourself up to pain and to have fun.

The man, in turn, should be as tactful not to injure the psyche of women, for which the situation is the first sex stressful and exciting. The man should not be rude and selfish, he must show tact, sensitivity and tenderness towards the girl, and strive to please her first and only then - currently.

To first sex was the least painful and most comfortable, best to do it in a supine position, with a cushion under the buttocks of the girl and bent at the knees her legs. If after defloration blood appeared, the next few days should refrain from sexual intercourse again, not to hurt your partner.

Also during the first sex should use a condom, not only to avoid unwanted pregnancy, but also in order to avoid getting infections on the mucous that can cause inflammation of the female internal organs. Girls after the first sexual act should apply for routine inspection to a gynecologist to make sure there is no damage and infections.

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