Love on their own?

Love on their own?
 Love - a complex concept: someone falls in love at first sight reckless, someone can not find a soul mate because of too high demands on her, but someone disappointed in love and nothing else is looking for. But not everyone is able to analyze the requirements of the opposite sex and try to find a person who is totally or partially fit them.

A teenager girl, after reading various works about love and relationships, draw conclusions about who the young men they need. As a rule, these are the common features of the hero: he looks handsome, articles, intelligent, with a good sense of humor, strong, sociable, cheerful, business. And as soon as the man on the horizon, partly reminiscent of this image, the other features are assigned to him in love. For example, there is a teen idols. The girls, between the ages of 12-18, are crazy cute boys singing in a group or play in the theater and cinema. At that moment, they do not realize that experiencing feelings are not real people, but to the guys who are doing their job professionally. Boys just get used to stage persona, prompted them to producer. Therefore, in this age among girls so you can often find unrequited love and disappointment. Also frequent in adolescence and suicidal cases.

Growing up, the girls have more selective in their choice. Each for itself determines what character traits and material benefits must possess a potential candidate. One wants to see next to a man successful and rich, generous and caring, business and judicious. Other - hardworking, honest, expressive. But for every such person-ideal can be a downside: the rich may be too generous to his relatives and not to you; caring only in relation to their business. Of course, the girls fall in love not why, but in spite of everything.

Still, if you have feelings of love to anyone not experienced or experienced, disillusioned, try the next option. Understand their claims to the opposite sex, clearly specify how important virtues, in your opinion, have to have a man. What flaws in it, you can turn a blind eye, and which will not tolerate. A clear and structured list, you can start searching for a person's inner circle. And if such a person is, it is imperative to win his heart.

And remember, love - is not only a flash, but the intense work of two of the senses.

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