Causes of female loneliness

Causes of female loneliness
 Lonely man is unlikely to be happy. Even if it is for the whole world cries out for my freedom. Almost everyone needs a mate. Male and female loneliness - two different things. At the fairer sex its own reasons not to have a partner.  

Of course, women's loneliness may be due to problems with the appearance, weight character. From it does not go anywhere. Society dictates fashion. And many follow it. Chances unfashionable women less. If it is not pretty and plump, even less. But this does not mean that it has no chance of finding her man.

Every woman can find your soul mate, get married, have children. And if a woman alone, suggests only one conclusion. Her comfortable one. Yeah, maybe she dreams of a loved one. But when it comes to action, folds and again left alone.

Single women are accustomed to their freedom, they are comfortable with yourself. Deep down, they want to find her prince. But that's changed my life, to adapt to someone, not really. The new man in a woman's life requires a lot of time, she has to give up their habits, plans, words. This makes her life less comfortable. And the woman tends to return at a time when she was well.

Loneliness is preferable to slavery, when you have to adjust to the life of another person. And even if a woman makes some steps towards a new relationship, they all end in failure. Each candidate she finds some serious flaws that prevent their happiness. Someone is too thin, who, on the contrary, with a tummy. A tongue-tied, the other chatters incessantly. Reject all candidates. And not because of shortcomings, because they can be ignored, but because of the fact that this stranger and stranger changes the life of a woman. And it is hardly better.

Only this reason constant. Appearance, character or figure amenable to correction. And to find a man that a woman like this, what is, is not a problem. The main thing - that was the desire to share your life with another person. If no such desire, loneliness is inevitable.

Women want to be free and independent. And this is the main cause of female loneliness.

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