And once again about the change

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 There are, unfortunately, such a situation, when a loved one you changed. Survive this nightmare very hard, and even harder to keep everything in himself. More often than not occur betrayal of love and chance. It may be a passing fad, but here is how all the same to find the strength to overcome themselves and find out the relationship once and for all. We do not give you a specific guide to action - a personal tragedy, but some tips you may find useful.

Of course, it is easier to give advice than to implement them, but in this situation the moral support of many is a must. Psychiatrists often have to deal with a girl or woman who, after her husband's infidelity want to commit suicide. This is a consequence of severe depression.

Many despair, weep, beat his head against the wall, accusing her husband of infidelity. However, such actions are unlikely to make a difference. First of all, you will be very hard, if you will aggravate the situation, arranging her husband jealousy. Their behavior, you can force a man to decide to leave the family. By the way, he can turn everything upside down and will justify itself by the fact that life with you has become unbearable.

Most importantly - do not forget about the children. As adults, you still will understand each other, sooner or later., But for children who witness violent quarrels and scandals - it can turn into a trauma. Try to control myself and not let emotions completely overwhelm you.

By nature, men are more prone to variability than women. Any normal man is inherent to prove to himself that he was "a real man", "macho" who is able to conquer any girl. Interest in the opposite sex in the face of other women is quite natural for men. This is precisely what we should proceed.

If you are jealous of him "to each post," then you will only aggravate this strained relationship. Well ... You also agree like if other men pay attention to you. Sometimes you do not even flirt a little against. Do not be too jealous, men like to reach.

Betrayal becomes a tragedy, if the woman herself complicates the situation, adding to the dramatic situation. Do not need that in no case do. Live will be easier if you keep a sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Try to prove to themselves and to her husband, and everyone around you attractive woman. And most importantly - decide for yourself whether you are ready to forgive.

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