Access forbidden: what is better not to talk to the man

Access forbidden: what is better not to talk to the man
 Every girl is bound to have secrets that she never share with her boyfriend. But apart from them, she should know what you can never say his handpicked to save the relationship.
 There are a number of expressions that you can never say to the man, not to run into a scandal that could lead to a major quarrel or to rupture.

When a loved one gives you a gift, and you do not like it, it is better not to express openly their discontent. After all, he put a lot of effort to make you feel, so it's best just to thank him. In general, such a situation can be avoided by politely hinted his blagovernomu that you would specifically like to receive.

It is not recommended to compare her with other men in his presence. You can assume that his friends richer, stronger, funnier than he is, but this opinion is better to keep to yourself. This creates the risk that you may cause jealousy of his partner, and he is jealous of you will have people who are not less close to him than you. Therefore, the phrase "He's better than you" should be deleted from your vocabulary forever.

Of course, you should not criticize in-law in the presence of her husband. For every man's mother - is sacred, and the attacks on her, he will be perceived as a personal insult. He is entitled to argue with her, and to prove his point of view in front of you, in the end, he had done it before began your relationship. You also should remember that it has a huge impact on his son and best to try to build a trusting relationship with her.

You - An attractive woman who may have signs of attention? Not necessarily talk about it to your boyfriend, hoping that his love for you will increase a hundredfold. Do not make your boyfriend jealous, because he might think that if you bathe in the husband candidates, then it you do not really even need. Even inveterate romantic can turn into a melancholic depression, and eventually your relationship gradually stop themselves.

Guaranteed scandal over a quarrel in which you compare it with the former. Your partner should feel that he is the only person with whom you imagine yourself there.

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