Raiders of the Lost: what happened to the love?

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 What happens with love and passion, after several years of relations. She disappears or turns into something different, qualitatively new, or maybe just the smoke clears, and people understand that there is no love, and was not at all?

Love is different. It often happens that people have a strong passion, but after a while cool, going to a simple attachment. This does not mean that love has passed. Simply, it has undergone a qualitative change and become different. In order to successfully live in a marriage and build equal and harmonious relationship, one passion is not enough. It is therefore replaced by the other love, softer and more relaxed. Love habit partners capable of holding together and safeguard them from unnecessary anxiety and stress. So if you are experiencing due to the absence of the former passion, it does not mean that love is over. It was different, that's all.

But it is different: people change and eventually become strangers to each other. You can often hear the phrase: "I grew these relations." A person can quite sincerely love another, but over time to change their habits, lifestyles, attitudes and understand that feeling too hot. There's no one's fault, everyone can fall in love spontaneously, because this process does not depend on our desires. Similarly, unfortunately, and you can fall out of love.

Often wife after years of marriage are beginning to think that he no longer loves her partner. Indeed, the very beginning of the relationship, even if you are not overwhelmed with wild passion, you have experienced a very different feeling than now. So where did the love go away?

Sometimes we simply cease to notice it. Joint life, obvious shortcomings of our partners, the general resentment and irritation Skopje blind us to the man himself. Try to remember what you liked her husband. It's the same person, you just get used to it.

Restore the old feelings, oddly enough, it is possible. Just try to be closer to each other: talk to each other compliments, confess your love, touch more to your partner. Think of all the good things in your missus, because that is what you are his once loved, then love again.

It so happens that couples simply understand that premature. Love and joy of physical proximity to let them love, but in practice it turned out that it is not. This, of course, is not very nice, but do with it anything. Learn to accept such a situation and to forgive yourself and your partner for everything that happened. Life does not stand still, and even after the most severe break again comes a sunny day and the birds sing. You may meet your unique, a must!

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