How to manipulate men

How to manipulate men
 There are some women who can easily win the attention of men and location, interested partners on the first date that he can not wait in anticipation of the next meeting. They give expensive things, their desire to erect almost to the rank of law, for the sake of them are willing to just about everything. But not all of them are beautiful as a goddess. Just these ladies know how to manipulate men.
 If you too want to be the most desirable, understand a few rules. But do not think that everything will turn out smoothly from the start. Constantly work on yourself to learn how to manipulate the stronger sex.

To "bend" a man, be flexible. Psychological flexibility - the ability to quickly change tactics. This does not mean that you need to be spineless, just the opposite. Just learn the right moments to operate circumstances, to treat them as if playfully, not to puzzle over memorization pompous speeches a day, a week, a year in advance.

Sees the root. Do not need to focus all their attention on only one situation. You need the essence rather than the form. If your spouse, released from themselves, threatening to divorce, it does not mean that tomorrow he will go to court. It also does not mean that he does not love you. Just a man succumbed to a burst of emotions - with any such can occur. And you do not beat in hysterics, do not tear your hair out. Better to laugh it off until it lightly restrain his ardor.

Develop the emotional independence. Be cold-blooded when he was "ranting and raving", cry and laugh only when you feel like it, not when you provoke it. The only way to learn how to manage the emotions of others. And it's a great background to the development of the ability of the manipulator.

To a man you could not "crush" under him, so that he felt that you have an inner core, always refer to only a sense of self-righteousness and indomitable will.

Always stand by our word. After all, if you are constantly going to scare your man, for example, divorce, but it will not throw it, your words have no weight. He understands this and will in the future to pass such threats on deaf ears.

Alternate "carrot" and "stick". Be open with your man and affectionate, but only as long as he is in something not delinquent. If he had done something wrong, in any case not Keep it to him with it. You need to call a man a sense of guilt, for some time, perhaps, to him cool off. When he was strong enough to spend to get your location, again warmly to him, thus showing that he behaved well.

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