Causes of erectile dysfunction: what men fear

Causes of erectile dysfunction: what men fear
 Erectile dysfunction. This phrase causes negative emotions in most men in the developed world. By erectile dysfunction disorder refers to the male reproductive system. Erectile dysfunction entails a reduction in the ability of men to receive a full sexual satisfaction. Some men have partially reduced potency, in others it does not exist at all.

Men's inconsistency hurts the pride of many representatives of the strong half of mankind. Someone restrains the fact that its life will be less than is now stand, or it is missing completely. Others are trying to find a way to treat erectile dysfunction. But before you pick up the treatment, it is necessary to know the causes of this disorder. And there are a lot of them.

One of the causes of erectile dysfunction is age. Over the years, the human body is not getting younger. On the contrary, there is a deterioration of many organs and organ systems, most of the process takes place is not as intense as before. The penis is made up of muscles, veins, arteries and the corpora cavernosa, which is always filled with blood. But during arousal cavernous body dilate and more filled with blood that flows back through the blood vessels. Also involved in this process and the muscles that help to contraction and relaxation of the blood is pushed in the right direction. With age the elasticity of these tissues decreases, resulting in decreased potency and.

The quality of erection and affects your blood vessels in the male. In turn, it is influenced by many factors. Thus, the stagnation in the pelvic organs, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, excess cholesterol in the body, smoking can lead to the development of atherosclerosis, ie, lost elasticity of blood vessels, the walls are sealed, reduced lumen through which blood flows to the organs, in particular to the penis. Is a violation of the circulation of the blood vessels in the penis, so that even if a man is excited psychologically erection anyway in this case will not be.

Erectile dysfunction may be associated with endocrine diseases. Violations of hormonal levels lead to the fact that testosterone is not produced in sufficient quantities. And he is the main male hormone responsible for the activities of the reproductive system. Also to endocrine disorders that affect the potency, include pituitary tumor, diabetes, sarcoidosis.

Many men erectile dysfunction is caused by no physiological disturbances. Psychological disorders can affect a man's solvency. Very often reduced potency was observed in men who are in a constant state of stress, depression, chronic fatigue. Other sexual problems associated with an inferiority complex or fear, for example, unwanted pregnancies, sexual impotence or sexually transmitted infection.

Erectile dysfunction may also be associated with neurological disorders (cerebral circulatory disorders, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord diseases, etc.) with taking certain pharmacological agents and penile anatomical variation. But most of all erectile dysfunction is caused by several factors. And their correct definition is the key to further successful treatment.

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