A strategy for success in the world of men

A strategy for success in the world of men
 In the context of the prevailing patriarchal traditions for centuries women have to adapt to the rules in force in the world of men. After all, the task is not only to survive physically but also successfully enjoy all the benefits of life, receive deserved attention and recognition of their success. It's not just about the business world, but also the social and interpersonal relationships.
 By unwritten rule, the current is not the first century, a woman must perform the functions that are defined for her man: to bear children, to engage in their education, to maintain order in the house and create a comfortable environment for recreation earner. In all other respects it a secondary role. Generation after generation of boys to instill the same views and beliefs, so the situation has not changed even in the conditions of modern life, where women assert their rights on the set of "unfeminine" occupation. Fight this useless, can only adapt again.

Starting to adapt themselves to the world of men, you should clearly see the goal towards which go, no matter in what area your interests lie: business, partnership, friendship, love. The path to the selected target must be performed adequately. Even if you are not playing quite honestly, others should not know about it. Firstly, cunning and unscrupulousness in action is always attributed it to women, although men do not shrink from them. And if you ulichat you incur universal censure, unlike men, whose "brothers on the team" always understand. Second, commitment and focus on the result of command respect from men. And often men do not even really matter what you imagine what purpose chosen.

Learn how to be strong and use women's weakness to their advantage. Teach men surrounding the fact that you do not need help with every little issue. Prove actions that you do not have to continually direct and to patronize. Eternal feminine helplessness rarely looks pathetic, in most cases it is tiring and annoying. But do not forget that deliberate masculinity also repels. Be self-sufficient, strong in their beliefs, learn logic and facts to prove their point. Requires respect for yourself and do things for which you really have to respect. Be able to admit their mistakes, do it without tears, sincerely, but with restraint.

Learn how to dress properly. Always think over your wardrobe, so as not to look too extravagant. Avoid causing colors and provocative style of dress, if you do not mind ready to show off in response to the attention of men or their outright harassment. In some cases, their femininity generally better to emphasize mercy, compassion, understanding, and moral character other than items of clothing.

Do not abuse sexual tricks to achieve their goals. Manipulation using intimate hints and gestures succeed is not for every woman. For the role of insidious seducer, which all give willingly, we need a sharp mind and talent. Attempts to those who are not entitled to them, look stupid and too obviously. Once a man realizes that you're out of self-interest to invoke his natural instincts, you lose your advantage. The game proceeds in his field. And instead of get what you want, you suddenly realize that you already use. It is better to play the card of sincerity. Frankness and honesty bribe. Play the role of an improved version of itself - it looks more natural and not suspicious. And always remember: men - not the enemy, it is true and loyal friends, just for them to find the right approach.

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