6 misconceptions about sex: do not get caught!

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 Sex - part of being human, which concerns only the two lovers. But often this is the part goes to "no" because of the huge amount of prejudice, accompanying society.

In society there are so many stereotypes and prejudices that affect all spheres of life. They are not spared side and the intimate sphere.

Sexually, you need to be honest with your partner. When we first met a man and a woman trying to hide their shortcomings, but later they gradually open to each other. If you love someone, do not talk openly to him about his shortcomings, a subtle hint is enough. But if you make love, while imagining that your partner - Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, you should not disclose this secret to your partner, so as not to cause quarrels and insults.

No need to compare all sexual partners. You can compare the restaurants, cafes, blouses, but not someone with whom you are lying in bed. If you already have a sufficiently strong relationships, and you already know the joy of sexual pleasures with each other, there is no need to compare lovers. Just enjoy the moment.

Another misconception says: think during sex. Do not get too much to think about the upcoming intercourse. If you think about orgasm during sex, then you can not reach it. And even more impossible to think about what your partner takes place among the previous. Do not think about anything, just have fun.

Thought that reduces all enjoyment from sex to zero: I can not succeed in sex. Perfection, do try, and you will become a better lover. All the difficulties can be overcome, the main desire it. Problems such as premature ejaculation in men and inability to achieve orgasm in women, can be solved, but on the solution of this problem lovers need to work together.

Lovers - this one. Both sexual partners like to feel pleasure, but to come to him, they can totally different ways. In order that both parties are satisfied, sometimes you have to compromise. The ability to find each other suiting options can improve your relationship.

Finally, the sixth misleading: sex life is not eternal. With age, the desire to have sex is weakening, but in no case can not quite forget about it. As long as you physically can be naughty in bed, do it, because sexual relations - one of the most important components of family life.

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