10 things that women are better off not knowing

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 Honesty and openness in a relationship - it's wonderful. However, some women know the secrets of men is not necessary. Otherwise, the relationship may be damaged. In total there are 10 things that are not worth talking about his favorite, especially if you have just started dating.

1. Family Secrets

Do not dedicate your soul mate in the details of the various family conflicts. And do not leave her alone for Sunday dinner with their families. Just imagine what you would be in its place. All familiar with favorite relatives better gradually. And to begin acquaintance with the family stands with the most positive of its members.

2. Health Problems

Constant stories about your heartburn is unlikely you will add attractiveness in women's eyes. Of course, such obvious things, such as a broken arm or flu should not be hidden. However, complaints of chronic sores is best left for later.

3. The idea of ​​the perfect woman

If the ideal of beauty for you are blonde with huge breasts and your favorite is petite brunette, talk about their preferences not worth it. Otherwise, your spouse will ask a legitimate question: "Why is he with me at all common, if he likes very different women? »

4. The ex-girlfriend and wife

Try not to mention its former women. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, if you give too much information about past relationships, she can see your weaknesses. So never tell how you have changed his previous girlfriend or how it got out you their regular calls. Secondly, because of the frequent references to ex-girlfriend at your favorite may form the impression that you are still emotionally connected with the past.

5. Errors

Each person are mistakes in life. Because of these errors, you can get a rewarding experience. But to confess all their sins, the new girl is not worth it. It is unlikely that she liked the story as you were fired from their jobs due to the fact that you have discussed his boss with his secretary.

6. Porn

Despite assurances from many sexologists that watching porn and reading dirty magazines are normal manifestations of male sexuality, most women still feel like a pastime perversion. Therefore it is better to try to make your favorite did not find any "compromising".

7. The reluctance to marry

Your statement: "I'm not going to marry" a woman may perceive differently. She may decide that you are not going to marry her, or just that you basically do not intend to start a family. In any case, your relationship this phrase much harm. Even if your favorite itself in no hurry to the registrar, from her resentment there. So it is better not to make such categorical statements or throw big words.

8. Friendship Secrets

It is not necessary to repeat its half the conversation with a friend, you izlivshim soul. Your favorite may decide that you open its secrets with the same ease.

9. Finance

Your new girlfriend to anything to know how much money you have postponed for a rainy day. Of course, the financial viability at times will make you more attractive to some ladies. But if you want to be sure that the woman began to meet with you not because of mercantile reasons, do not try to impress their earnings at the beginning of the relationship.

10. Discussion of appearance

Since you chose this woman, do not tell her that she will look better if, for example, lose weight. Truly loved one usually take this for what it is. Therefore, to assess the appearance of their halves need only positively. If you notice all the flaws appearance, at least do not say it out loud woman.

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