Signs of infidelity men

Signs of infidelity men
 If the husband is sacred remains faithful to his wife, it is for that thank, and you have something to congratulate. According to studies, to date, faithful husbands - quite rare specimens. And to be precise, the statistics indicate that three of the four men change their wives.
 Betrayal of her husband - a very big heartache for his wife. Therefore, from three to four wives prefer religiously believe their spouses. And only one suspects the fact of treason. That is about 2/3 of the deceived women do not think about the fact that her husband started on the side of the intrigue. Despite this, all the signs of infidelity are very often right before your eyes, and a lot of them. If you do not give rest to suspect there are some things that are worth paying attention in the first place.

Appearance husband

A man who has a link on the side (or who just thinking about it), begins to make an effort to look more attractive.

Attitude to his wife

If a married man, there was another woman, this fact will inevitably change his attitude toward his wife, even on a subconscious level. And these changes are not always for the worse, because many traitors feel guilty in front of their wives and try to make amends for his overly careful attention to his legitimate half.

Job husband

Work often justify a long time, which is carried out. Everyone knows that men who give birth on the side of the novel, to cover things. But if your husband always stay at work, it is not necessary to be guided by this principle. Perhaps you and there is no reason to suspect him. Another thing, if it is only in recent years have increasingly begun to deliberate and business trips.

Everyday habits

People are slaves to their habits. Everyone has more or less Conduct routine schedule. Surely the wrong man, he will change.


Mistress - fun is not free. It must entertain, to drive in restaurants, give her gifts. Not so important exactly where it will take money for all this, most importantly, it's definitely affect the family budget, sooner or later.

Cell phone

As a rule, the mistress requires constant communication, without which does not do phone calls. And most women, by the way, via mobile phones are finding out that their husbands are changing.

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