Relationships: free or serious?

Relationships: free or serious?
 It is believed that men prefer to avoid a serious relationship, and women hate unions, lasting a couple of weeks. This has a sensible grain, however, and the fair sex is not always prefer to burden themselves with the relations that require to pay attention to only one partner.

The choice here for every lady is different, but it's worth to make allowances for age. Few people in the 16-18 age believe that the relationship that they have most likely temporary. But the harsh practice usually confirms it. And it does not mean that the girls of this age should trifle with their partners. Firstly, these "children" unions sometimes end wedding. And not because of some factors (pregnancy), and a mutual desire. Secondly, in any case it will be useful in the future experience.

If a girl 25-30 years, then there should think about a more serious relationship, since it is not necessary constantly to postpone the wedding dresses, sounds Mendelssohn and happy parents. It is clear that it is difficult to rebuild after violent youth (if it was any), measured on family life, but in such a relaxed attitude too many advantages.

If you have already chosen the only person with whom you want to spend time, think about some of the issues. First, decide whether you would like to stay with a person for life, raise children with him, acquire property jointly, to help in difficult situations. Try to reason objectively, although love is unlikely to allow you to do it to the fullest. Secondly, you should accept the fact that you should not look at other men, and all the most innocuous attempts to flirt worth notch at the root, that it does not lead to irreversible consequences. Also, you have to forget about the festivities together under the moon and later encounters with other men. Even if these trips and meetings will not be based on a more personal, your chosen one is unlikely to be nice to know such things. So get ready to go out with his loved one together.

If you decide for yourself, which is not yet prepared to devote much of his life to one man, throw away all their ideals, gleaned in the ladies' novels. They will eventually become bored if you are not willing to limit yourself, so enjoy the young and not morochte head to themselves or others.

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