Relationship without commitment: what their future?

Relationship without commitment: what their future?
 Relationship without commitment can be beautiful, if both partners are satisfied. But the man and woman in their qualities are totally dissimilar. And if the stronger sex free sex can arrange for a long time, then his girlfriend can work maternal instinct. And then she wants more than occasional meetings.
 Free love attracts mostly women who have crossed a certain age limit and are already disappointed in love. But even in this state of the fairer sex may want to have a family and children. But with a partner were stipulated certain conditions. And the woman begins to tire of this situation. It seems to be not free, but on the other hand, in the near future it is unlikely to be able to get the coveted ring on the ring finger of his right hand.

Men are often looking for naked sex without feelings, no emotions, no strings attached. And rarely do they have to offer women something else, the more that the details of their meetings specified. But there are other situations. It also happens that a man after some time realizes that he needs more from his partner. What does he want to wake up with her, give her gifts, jealous of her colleagues and friends, and just consider their own.

Such cases are rare, but it does not mean that they do not exist at all. And then, if the woman is not against relationships without obligation develop into romance or even marriage. Of course, this occurs when both partner's face with each other. If one of them felt something more than physical attraction, but did not mention it, easy connection simply come to naught. Unfortunately, many men in this situation prefer to do nothing. Yes, they are in love with his partner, but prefer to keep silent about it so as not to lose it all. They are not sure what the lady answered them consent, because they discussed the conditions of meetings. Women rarely silent. If they begin to experience serious feelings, then at least a word, even affair, but give her boyfriend understand that want to change their social status.

Therefore, before an open relationship is better to install some agreement. Agree that if one of you will begin to experience feelings, he immediately tell your partner. This will help make your relationship perspective. Speak this nuance, and your relationship will be free future.

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