Relationship without obligation .... To be or not to be?

Relationship without obligation .... To be or not to be?
 Often women suggest a relationship without commitment. Thus man wants to protect themselves. He immediately stipulates that it will do, and what not. Most often, these relationships are reduced to banal sex in their spare time for both partners. Here are just a woman, more often, need a sense, not free love.
 If you were offered a relationship without commitment, think before you agree. After all, you'll have virtually no romance, tenderness, caring. All meetings will take place with a partner only to make love. Perhaps the first time you will be satisfied with everything, but then it may be attached or even feelings. And if you decide to alter your meetings in a serious relationship, the partner may simply leave you.

Free meeting, of course, have their own advantages. You do not have to worry about someone to change their plans because of a loved one, worry, worry, and curse. You'll get sex without giving anything in return. Typically, these relationships need adults who had to give up on life. For young girls the same meeting for sex are unlikely to come, because they will be deprived of what they need, namely romance. Do not assume that you do not need. If you are at a young age it is not dopoluchite, it is likely that an adult you become more emotionally closed.

If you only have a physical attraction to a man who offered free love, settle down. Just do not forget to agree that you are free to terminate such meetings whenever you want. It is not ruled out the possibility that after a while you meet your love, and then the relationship no strings need to be interrupted. If your partner is against it, you can lose someone who you really expensive.

But there are situations where free love offering one who really like it. In this case your consent you will surely kill even the possibility to start a serious relationship. If you believe that a man experiencing strong feelings, better give up such a proposal. Try to charm him and tighten true romance.

Decide on an open relationship, carefully weighing the pros and cons. If you are a mature woman who does not feel feelings to your partner, try it, because it is unlikely you will lose something. In all other cases it is better not to risk it and say no.

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