Practice change: why and why

Practice change: why and why
 Sometimes, cheating is not meanness, and the need to help maintain the relationship, or self-esteem. Although loyalty and devotion inherent in the nature of women, and they may take such an extreme step. In most cases it is due to incorrect behavior of the man.
 Women are committed to a strong stable relations. But even they could push for treason. This can occur for many reasons. For example, due to age crisis. Not only men on the threshold of old age can spin novels. Women are not much less experiencing because of age, especially if you do not feel the need the support of its second half. A novel, especially with the younger partner can prove the fairer sex that she was still attractive. Complexes and self-doubt are the same catalysts for change.

If a woman learns about a spouse, it may decide to take revenge. And more often chooses a weapon of vengeance another representative of the stronger sex. Moreover, it can not advertise their infidelity. The fact that she knows about the change, able to calm the woman to bring her temporary relief. Unfortunately, some men did not hide their trips to the left. And their girlfriends and wives are almost forced to do the same. After all, who likes to wear rarely branched horns and remain unavenged.

Relationship problems, their proximity to the cooling and tear can also push a woman on a new novel. And in this case triggers a natural instinct - she is looking for a male, able to replace the one who is almost gone. The fairer sex could almost necessary to have beside him strong and self-confident man. And if he ever makes a hint of what will soon be gone, at a subconscious level, women have a desire to look for a replacement.

If love is gone, and binds two people habit financial relationships, children, or other causes, betrayal becomes a constant companion. If a man in a woman's eyes completely lost its appeal, it may look for someone who would be interested in her again. And that's OK, because everyone wants to love and be loved. In this case, a woman looking for a sense of strong and mutual.

But more often a woman changes yet because of regular disappointment in bed. If a man is no longer a man, if he comes in her bed once a year, any of the fairer sex can turn nasty. Dissatisfaction is the main reason for female adultery. Physical intimacy is needed to ladies, and even to maintain health. And they are forced to treason, because of their partner they do not get what you want.

If the relationship going smoothly and quietly, none of the fairer sex will not go to infidelity. It just pushed a bad relationship with his second half. And the problems in the relationship should be regular. No woman will not go to such an extreme step because of one or two arguments.

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