Old grievances: forgive and let go

Old grievances: forgive and let go
 All people have a past filled with pleasant and sad moments. But there are a succession of memories and hard feelings that haunt and overshadow life. So how do you forget and let go of old grudges?
 Grievances can be different: physical or sexual humiliation, unrequited love, conflict with family members, divorce, death of a loved one. Also very strong resentment children, such as parental unfair criticism, accusations and lack of attention on their part. Long-forgotten experiences, nevertheless, remain and continue to influence the fate and perception of the world is already an adult.

Past wrongs can have a significant impact on daily life. If you have all your worries and unpleasant moments hidden deep within yourself, then this voltage will sooner or later manifest itself in the present, impacting on relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Trauma obtained in the past, there is always a person in a greater or lesser extent. Not worth living grievances and negative memories, it is fraught, it is necessary to get rid of them.

One of the most effective ways of liberation from the burden of past offenses is to restore the emotionally painful situation. Lose bad story from the past, step by step, Throw out your feelings: say, angry, scream, hit the pillow, and then exhale and release the offense.

Another effective way - is a method of writing. Describe in detail the memory of an unpleasant episode, let us know what on paper their attitude toward him, Throw all your negative emotions that caused you this event. Then tear the sheet into small pieces and discard in the trash or burn it, thus striking the life of this negativity. The best and most effective medicine for mental healing is forgiveness. If you forgive the offender, then your pain will be no place to nourish yourself, and you will be much easier mentally.

In severe cases, for example, if in the past you have been physically or sexually abused, the introspection is not enough, be sure to seek psychological help from a specialist.

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