Mirrors and adultery

Mirrors and adultery
 Feng Shui - oriental art of harmonious arrangement of household items in the space as a residential and work has an impact on our quality of life in general.

Increased demand in the modern world uses Feng Shui related to family harmony. Experts recommend to exclude the presence of 3 events in the marital bedroom: water, whether it is an image, a fountain or aquarium, separate mattresses, which symbolize the rift in the relationship, as well as mirrors.

 It is believed that a mirror that is situated in a bedroom may lead and usually leads to the fact that the lives of two spouses, an additional line that is able to completely destroy the relationship. And, speaking of the additional, third, the faces in the relationship Feng Shui experts have in mind is not necessarily adultery. The reason for the gap can be anyone: children, relatives, friends, casual acquaintances, and many other "well-wishers".

 In fact, since ancient times was considered a mirror and even some mysterious otherworldly objects owned by a myriad of mysteries. Mirror - is a kind of portal to the subtle world. In the world of twins and repeated reality. No wonder this thing started to haunt the imagination of mankind in the era of ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt and continues to fascinate to this day.

 Feng Shui calls for some basic rules to possession and use of mirrors that will help you avoid any possible negative impacts.

1. Do not place a mirror opposite the bed. According to experts, a long stay in the world of mirror-reflection of reality absorbs a lot of energy. It is for this reason, it is not recommended for hours looking at myself in the mirror. During sleep, the same person is much weaker, so the energy is dissipated more quickly. By the way, the regular mirroring of your sleep can cause permanent lack of sleep and incessant feeling of fatigue.

2. Do not store in the house cracked or broken off the mirror. After all, the mirror has a property does not simply reflect what he saw, but return it back. As you know there is such a thing as a "memory of mirrors." If your image is deposited in the mirror memory is intact and fragmented or nadtresnuvshim, then exactly the same projected back on you and your life.

3. This postulate should be attributed to glass, porcelain, ceramics and earthenware. Cracks on objects made from these materials, carry the risk of negative energy, which can be reflected on either side of your life, including intimate.

4. Specialists of feng shui is not recommended to keep a mirror in the house with sharp corners. In principle, the same can be said for furniture. Angles not only traumatic, but also able to distribute power strained relations.

5. The proper accommodation option mirror - to reflect the entrance door. Thus you can avoid many of the negative effects of power, who will try to get to your house.

6. unfavorable place for the mirror is considered a space in front of a window or wall.

 By the way, the television and computer monitor are also considered mirrors only to the outside world, so they, too, should apply the rules described.

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