Laws illicit love

Laws illicit love
 Adultery try to ignore and not to discuss in public. Nevertheless, and forbidden love has its own laws that must be followed if you want your union lasted as long as possible.
 Even if a man you only nice and courteous, most likely with the help of you, he is trying to solve some personal psychological problems encountered in his family. Maybe he does not have a wife or emotional intimacy he does suspect that he is treated only as a source of income. However, if it is still in a man, there is no guarantee that the same problem does not arise with the time you have.

Be prepared to postpone having children until later, unless you plan to become a single mother with coming once a week dad who can not take a child of any clinic, or in a zoo.

Relationships are always evolving, legitimate or not. Do not think that you will always be in perfect condition of love. Poutihnut passion, and you have to solve the same problems as in marriage, try to bring into your life novelty and try to save the relationship. Perhaps the two of you decide that it is easier to leave.

In the restaurants and nightlife you have to walk with friends. It is unlikely that your man wants to be noticed next to you someone from acquaintances. You will be satisfied with only a secret joy.

Asks nothing of a man, do not try to change it, be nice and welcoming. He already has a wife who nags him, and the children who constantly need the money. Next to you, he wants to relax your body and soul.

Do not ask him to change the status of your relationship and do not believe promises to divorce his wife and live with you. Most likely, this will never happen. Virtually all men who have extramarital affair, divorce mistresses promise, but broke off relations with the lawful wife only a few.

In no case do not make sense of a married man in your life and do not dissolve in a loved one. It is dangerous and in official pairs, and adultery partner is likely to get bored quickly your admiration, and he will leave.

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