How to regain the love

How to regain the love
 After a few years of marriage, love often dulled, leaves it a passion, there is a habit. At the same time, psychologists subtly noticed that love - it is a merit of loving, which is independent of the merits and advantages of a loved one. The conclusion: to bring back former feeling, you need to work on yourself. What do I do?  
 First of all, using simple psychological trick: remember your first meeting and the first days of dating. To begin to revive memories actual picture, and then, as if immersed in the reality, try to remember the feelings experienced by then.

Inner eye you see a man as he looked at the time: a delightful, inaccessible, desirable. Fix this feeling and call it every time again see a soul mate.

Start a game: Flirting with life partner as if your relationship is just beginning. Carefully follow the appearance and avoid to fall on him or her eyes when look no better. Stop behaving as usual are "hardened" spouse do not nag, do not "Saw" without reproach. Remember, because you have avoided all of this in the "candy buketny" period?

See that your changed behavior miraculously affect the mate, and he or she will behave well matched to you. And do not have time to look back, as will revive damped was feeling.

Often remind yourself how lucky you are that life partner chose you. And to heighten the incitement "flame of passion" think out of imaginary opponent or opponents. Let it be your mate colleague, friend or friend. You can even make a little scene of jealousy, so, however, the final of which will strengthen your feelings, rather than the emergence of mutual insults and disagreements.

Do unplanned gifts and sorprizy not a birthday or New Year's, but just selecting different romantic occasions.

Vary your sex life with your partner. Forget for a moment all the traditional. Surprise and let amaze you.

Finally, go together in a romantic trip. Well, if it is full of adventure that will add zest to you and make you get rid of the backwardness of everyday life.

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