How to make an offer to the man

How to make an offer to the man
 Typically, the first step in a relationship men do - but in any rule may be exceptions, and women are not forbidden to make an offer first man and recognized him in his feelings. The problem lies in the fact that women are much more shy men who are more confident in themselves and in their success, and therefore most often a woman does not know how to approach the man to say about their intentions.

In order to make a man an offer of marriage, without waiting for proposals from it, you have sufficient knowledge of their partner. If you feel that he does not want marriage - you can not force him. However, you can direct the thoughts of men in the right direction.

If your man appreciates your determination and activity - perhaps he will appreciate that you have taken the first step towards legitimizing your relationship. If a man of principle on the question of who is the principal in the family may have such an active behavior of his touches.

Even if you make an offer to the man, let him feel that the latter decision is up to him, and that he - the main in your relationship.

Influence the decision of men in relation to your marriage can a child if you have it. Usually the request of the children of men react faster - they feel increased responsibility and pride in the fact that the child trust them. If a man with your child a good and trusting relationship, they may agree to a wedding and without your participation.

Think inside and out, what do you say to the man. The best option - to bring it into the conversation the fact that he made you an offer and thought it was entirely his decision. Men like to feel important, emphasize its importance, let them know that it is - the most important person in your life.

Before you apply to the registrar and to make an offer to the man, weigh the pros and cons. Think about whether it's the right time for marriage, and do not rush you event. Take this decision only if you already have lived with a man and believe that you will continue to live together, and that the wedding and formal marital status will only strengthen your feelings.

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