How do I know the character of Man

How do I know the character of Man
 To be able to identify the main features of character guy, just a little bit for him to watch. Of course, the mere talk tete-a-tete is not enough. To know the nature of the parties, it is better to see a person in different situations. As the saying goes, eat a peck of salt with him. However, to study the most basic and distinctive features can be at the first meeting.
 First, you need to learn the basic character types. There are several kinds, and they are quite bulky for knowledge. However, after detailed examination, for example, with the theory Leonhard features, you can get an idea about the basic concepts used.

For rapid diagnosis of the nature of perfect modern method of "seven radicals." It has a shortened version, and everything else, is widely used by professionals of various intelligence agencies. It will be enough just to learn the 7 basic character types (radicals) and look for in a man is most clearly expressed.

It is necessary to observe the behavior of the young man, then it will be easy to identify, such character traits as passive or active, closed or open, optimism or gloom and anxiety, discipline or negligence. Personality and interacts constantly shows some of his qualities in society.

In addition, it should also analyze features of appearance (hairstyle, fashion, accessories) and physique. A lot of information can be gleaned by studying the private space of the person (design a study, car, apartment, etc.), motor activity (gestures, posture, gait, facial expressions, speech, etc.). It is important to remember that the nature of Man is manifested in every detail.

Be sure to maintain a dialogue with the person: ask to tell any stories of life or an episode of a favorite book, if he malorazgovorchiv. It is important to pay attention to what he says, or restrained enthusiasm. If possible, it is useful to look at the writing: how much space it takes up on the sheet, drawing squiggles whether compliance by the field. In general, it is necessary to collect a variety of information, because the conclusions are more reliable and easier to be prepared than it will be more.

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