Happy and free: it happens?

Happy and free: it happens?
 Lonely woman - this is no longer the sentence, but rather fashionable image. She is not looking for a man and does not cry at night, sitting in an empty apartment. This lady gets pleasure out of life. She is happy and free.  
 Life is pleasant and free women eventful. They do not wake screaming children and a husband demands cook breakfast. They devote a lot of time itself. These women will find minute manicure and put her hair, in addition, they - patrons of various beauty salons. Free ladies spend evenings are not alone, but in terms of their own kind, sitting in cafes and restaurants or visiting various premieres. Contrary to the opinion of others, they are not going to suffer from loneliness.

Often these women are very secured, as most of the time dedicate career development. They can afford and shoes from the latest collection of famous designers, and dinner in a restaurant, and a leisure trip.

Single women can be themselves. If desired, they go home in robes and eating crisps at night, sleeping in pajamas with Vinipuhom or watching reality shows, do not care about whose opinion on the matter.

Freedom from relationship gives them the moral right to have many new acquaintances. Random buddy will not necessarily become someone great, but bring a pleasant experience and, quite possibly, will be adherent, which will be nice to talk in the future.

This independent ladies still not alien to the desire to start a family. However, this desire does not become an end in itself. This girl will be married to for whom she would not have to break the habitual way of life, who can provide it. And, of course, someone will love it.

In the meantime, the prince did not come free and successful women claim that they are quite happy. They devote their lives to themselves, friends and family, career and hobbies, perfected body and soul. Prince there - excellent, no - life is beautiful without it.

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