Sex: where the boundaries of what is permitted?

Sex: where the boundaries of what is permitted?
 Just a couple of decades ago, many things related to sex life, it was forbidden to even speak. Today, the same thing can be seen on television, and in the daytime. Any photos and video up to violence and perversion can find on the Internet almost any teenager. Invent and fantasize people today is quite simple: you simply choose from an endless stream of information available about sex and to determine the boundaries of what is permitted.  

Understand that it is permissible to sex, and that - at an absolute prohibition, helps a lot: education, moral values, culture, religion, the environment. But first of all - a partner who is next. Before meeting with a specific person, you can not even be aware of certain things that are applicable to the intimate life. Conversely, your positive experience can add spice to the implementation of such fantasies and techniques with a new man.

Define the boundaries of what is permitted in sex you must first for himself. If you firmly believe that, for example, group sex suddenly destroy spiritual intimacy between you and your loved one, agree upon this should not be under any circumstances. Imagine that you have already tried your "yesterday's taboo." Mentally play the situation, it's already happened. And imagine my feelings. Especially if they are negative - then you should not settle for such experiments.

Ideally, all the components of the intimate life must hold both partners. To know each other gradually, do not ask questions "head", delicately hints at your deepest fantasies, to understand how it relates to the partner. If you both want the same, do not think about the fact that someone like things seem perversion.

If your sex life is not subject to criminal sanctions, does not injure others, and does not put them explicit moral and physical harm, feel free to get things done. Many things that you practice sex, the older generation can be taken negatively. However, that is no reason to deprive yourself of the pleasure. Just keep the intimate details between you.

Often there are situations when one partner is more experienced in sex. It is not necessary sharply reject his proposals. Try to think about how you achieve mutual harmony. Suppose the main sexual fantasy of your new lover - sex in a public place. If you do agree to such an adventure and do it in a city park, this situation could end very badly. However, the same thing at one of the beaches of Ibiza rave youth can not cause any interest from the likes of you.

Always remember that beyond the limits - only in your mind. And it is possible that sometimes costs them to expand, to discover new pleasures in their sexual lives.

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