Feminine look for treason

Feminine look for treason
 Treason partner always hurt and resentment. Betrayal of a loved one - a blow that move is not easy for men and for women. But male and female perspective on treason largely diverge.
 Change beloved woman considers unacceptable act for themselves, which is not expected from men, which by their nature are considered to be polygamous. If she devotes herself to one man, then be with the other, as a rule, do not allow the heart. Although there are exceptions, when a woman is too thirsty, or is in search of a better partner. If, nevertheless, it has changed, most likely an excuse to be revenge for the betrayal of a partner, relationship problems, lack of mutual love, old grudges.

Find themselves betrayed, first woman categorical in his statements about the severance of relations. Due to the sensitivity and emotionalism of the fair sex conflict does not pass without tears, tantrums, emotional experiences. But if a man truly repents and is sorry for what he did, the woman is still ready to forgive and try to forget the betrayal betrayal.

The ratio of women to change not always clear. This act they regard as deception and betrayal, but at the same time, most prefer not to know about the existence of a rival. Revealed the lie leads to soul-searching, the search for the cause of treason. In this situation, the woman is very difficult to decide whether or not to continue the relationship or around came to an end. Love for a man sometimes can not put a full stop, and the heart as opposed to the mind is able to forgive all.

Female perspective on the complex and multifaceted treason, for that matter, and the very essence of women. Treason for the fairer sex - is a blow not only to the senses, but to the ego, because every woman wants to be the sole and unique for your loved one.

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