Adultery ... how much of this ...

Adultery ... how much of this ...
 Adultery in French means adultery. This term is applied mainly only in the case where the connection was disposable. However, this option is a family betrayal betrayed half perceived hard enough. And not always forgiven.
 Such a beautiful word of French origin is synonymous with action that affects the honor of the man. In many cultures around the world condemned adultery as one of the most terrible crimes. In some jurisdictions, for adultery even provided for punishment, including the death penalty.

Psychologists claim that all the men at least once in their life but changed their spouses. However, the main question is, what makes a woman who knows or can only guess about the infidelity of her Blessed. As for women, experts say that the lady does not change the spouse only in two cases: either when it considers the best, or when certain that all men are the same.

First of all, you need to figure out what is the cause for an extramarital affair. As a rule, any revenge or curiosity or lack of sensation and monotony, or stress relief or attempt to attract attention. Sometimes, and quite often, the cause of infidelity is alcohol.

In each of these cases, the traitor important cause some backlash from his regular partner. Even if he never changes about this and did not know. In the case of retaliation is important even in the depths of his soul just to get the feeling that you are not left offended. If this curiosity, it means that there is a desire to understand whether there is a difference between permanent and temporary partner. The lack of thrills in the family - this is the talk of the town. After the monotony kills. However, those who cheated on their partners for this reason say that after a random contact family relationships change dramatically for the better.

Develops adultery by the same scheme, whatever the reason it did not cause. First couple meets and more approaches, then married, have children and after the crisis begins in the relationship. Husband and wife grow apart emotionally. And here is a good time for the emergence of "Ted." It was at that moment when you are sure you already know her husband through and through and nothing new about it you do not know, and there is betrayal. Adultery is the moment when the peak reached mutual accusations like this: "I gave (s) you the best years of my life," "You're not a (th), as was before."

Prevent adultery can. Most importantly, time to understand that the relationship between husband and wife give a break and try to correct it quickly. Help and buddy, and role reversal in your family, and new common hobbies. The only thing you need to be abandoned for a period of reviving your relationship with your spouse - is strife and discord. Under the ban even small disputes. Only mutual understanding, respect and, of course, love.

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