What women like men?

What women like men?
 At all times, the woman, trying to understand the nature of man's windy, spent years thinking about the tastes and preferences so that the stronger sex? if possible, at least for a little bit of match revered men ideals. But to the nines to break stereotypes about the traditional male dreams in the face of long-legged and busty blondes, the question of what do women like men, should answer - different!

And in this capacious word and is in fact true. Men like different women, and all the charm of its existence see in this diversity.

Of course, every man has his own taste formed during the years of the so-called "own" type of women, which, however, does not prevent him to pay attention to the other of the fair sex (even opposite to his "Description", because that's the paradox). That is why the question of women's appearance beauty are perhaps the most subtle and, in fact, is not solvable.

As for the men's women's preferences characters, the following quotations of famous Soviet satirist, "the man first selects a cheerful woman, then and only then beautiful smart." Without doubt, men always prefer perky laughter and radiant smile cold affectation, and even the most compelling person, permanently residing in the phlegmatic mood considerably lose in comparison with perky and full of fire simpleton. Smile and smile again - it was her affectionate and sincere radiance so attractive to men, eager warmth, affection and approval.

In addition, it is known that men, being in the mass sybarite crave care and comfort. That's why they like a good hostess, and the postulate of the way to man's heart through the stomach has not been canceled. Times may change, shifting its focus and lost the moral fabric, but a good meal, warm hearth and female tenderness will always be highly appreciated by the opposite sex.

And that comfort is not only expressed in carnal pleasures, but also mental balance, men prefer women lungs, not prone to reproaches and insults, looking at the world with optimism and infect their vigor and energy to inspire men to great deeds and putting a positive meaning in every passing day.

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