Tough guys do not dance?

Tough guys do not dance?
 At every festival you can watch people who will never become dance. They try to behave seriously and pose as "tough guys", but in fact, they just do not know how to dance well and pretty embarrassing.

If you shudder at the thought that tomorrow's party beautiful girl will pull you to dance, you are sure to help a few tips.

Remember: dance always begins with elementary smile. The only thing to do - to feel good music. People who never dance, talk like this: "I have no ability to dance - so look stupid, so do not! ".

Almost all people in the depths of my heart I want to dance, have fun and "light" on a par with everyone. In this case, the practical psychologists recommend a simple test. It shows whether a person is able to dance. You need to raise your left arm up and then dropped. Then it is necessary to raise the right leg to the side, omitted. If it turns out you can accept congratulations. Are you fine.

Dance for people - it's a natural reaction. If a person is never involved in dance, he deprives himself. Dance - is one of the brightest colors in multi-colored palette of vital movements.

Dancing man always attracts attention. This fact stops many "tough guys." They believe that dance is not good to show them to the world. But the fact that this person simply does not know how to dance.
If you want to learn how to dance with dignity, then only one month of classes in the dance studio will give excellent results. Not necessarily to walk every day, quite a couple of times a week.

Dance is always born from the music. The man who owns the complex elements in the dance - it's not a dancer and gymnast. Many beginners look at this lively dance much sincere than experienced dancers.
How to win a paralyzing fear of all limbs dancing? Here are some tips.

1. Dance at home when you no one can see.

2. dancing in a nightclub.

3. Participate in the flash mob, or so-called dance duel.

Forward "tough guys", you are waiting for great deeds!

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