Professional art of flirting

Professional art of flirting
 Master the art of flirting will not prevent any of the fair sex. The ability to flirt means that you can tune in to the emotions of another person, enjoy life and attention, ready for a relationship. What techniques of seduction offers professional art of flirting?

Let your eyes linger on the subject of flirting and keep in touch no less than 5 seconds. Eyes - the main source of information. Let him understand that you are interested in. Smile. Turn the whole body in the direction of men. If possible - leaned toward him, almost touching. Listen to yourself, you will find that the voice was lower cheeks were covered with a blush, and the breath - taking part.

Once you are interested in people began to show signs of attention, slightly indented. Step back, his eyes downcast. This step will arouse curiosity and interest of men, turn it into a hunter.

Distancing itself from the environment. Show object flirting that you are interested in it precisely. To do this, you can take such a position that it blocked the others present. Refer to the man by the name - it always attracts attention and interest. Listen carefully to the interlocutor, tilted his head slightly. This pose disarms men. However, to be natural, does not interfere with practice before a mirror.

"Reflect" your interlocutor. Gently repeat it poses, gestures. Breathe with it in the same rhythm. This technique works on the subconscious mind of man and causes intense sympathy.

Show that you are willing to communicate closer, but do not overplay! Lightly and casually touch it, adjust their hair. Hold eye contact.

Remember, your main weapon - a charming smile. Communicate from the heart - a playful and free. If possible - improvise, but with the mind. Be unobtrusive. In an interview palm should give the man. And most importantly - stay by themselves!

Each of the tips is only relevant if you can implement the recommendation naturally. If some tricks are not for you - try the other. Proceed very carefully - an obvious flirting can scare a man, because he is a hunter by nature, and not a victim.

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