How to get rid of the gigolo

How to get rid of the gigolo
 Women too busy career, can not always find the time to find a worthy partner for family life. There is nothing surprising in the fact that in such a busy business woman caught mercantile men, ready to surround her with love and care. If you recognize in his chosen gigolo and you do not like this situation, you need to immediately get rid of such a society.
 Get rid of the senses

If you do not want to work all his life for the benefit of greedy men, who does not want to work, you accustom yourself to the idea that you need to leave. Most of all, he cares about you, prepare dinner and pretend to be ardent lover. But this role is performed by women. Decide for yourself whether you want to be a man in your couple. Gradually find flaws in it and try to ignore the merits. Teach yourself that you need him just as long as you have the money.

Do not regret

Alfonso trying to put pressure on pity their victims. As if he did not convince you that it would be hard to live with all the previous woman betrayed and cheated - do not believe. This is the simple reason that a man is trying to dissociate itself from the work. Trauma in his personal life is not an excuse for a slacker, especially if you are not the first month together. In the end, the man should put first family well-being, rather than their problems.

Go to work

Just tell him that you are not satisfied contain man. Alfonso fear works as a fire, so it will start to think about your parting. Be steadfast, despite the promises and requests. If you succumb to the entreaties, the relationship will never end.

Stop giving money

Just put gigolo face the fact that he did not receive from you a penny more, until he finds a job. Buy food in a minimum volume and do not pay any of his account. Even better, tell him that you have lost a major source of income and you do not have money. Most likely, then mercantile man evaporates from your life.

With the help of relatives

Invite to visit relatives for a while. Make life gigolo unbearable. Warn your family in advance about the problem and ask them often ask questions about the work of man. Even better, if guests bring a small child. Tension and lack of money forced gigolo look for a new victim.

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